Healthy skin is skin that is well nourished, well hydrated, that is properly exfoliated and well toned. Not every person will certainly make use of the exact same skin treatment items for a healthy and balanced skin since everyone achieves these objectives in a different way.
Manglik Dosh is not always the only reason for marriage failures. Even marriage of Manglik to Non - Manglik is possible. Many reasons other than Manglik Dosha need to be reviewed for such issues.
Sun is Father and Son is Jeeva karaka the effect of Mars on these significations indicates the stubborn and fury nature of these relatives.
Shodasa vargas also known as 16 divisional chart are analysed for different and specific trad of a horoscope.
They are the right subject for black magicians, and they are capable of learning such arts if other planets support. This combination may result in mental disorders if not surrounded by benefit planets.
In Naadi Vastu main importance is given to the directions of planets. Each planet signifies certain portions of the house.
Naddi Vastu is an important branch of vastu shastra Astrology.It advises on proper direction & location of the concerned premises based on planetary effects
Easy Vastu shastra tips for home. All these tips will help you in designing and buliding yor home as per Nadi